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Monday, November 01, 2004


I overslept this morning. Really overslept. I hit the snooze and then didn't hear the alarm again for almost an hour. The last thing I should be doing is posting here; I don't have time. Is that stopping me? Of course not. It's that procrastination/morning dawdler thing.

Finished adding the stuff I wanted to add to the first chapter of my Crimson City story and I made it through the first scene in chapter 2 as well. Today the plan is to do the second scene in that chapter, and hopefully, still have time to start writing a new chapter/scene. I don't have a really concrete idea of what I want to do in chapter 3, so I'll have to do chapter goals today. What do I need/want to accomplish in this chapter?

I do have a scene between my h/h in my head. Um, I think I might be pushing the envelope again. I wonder how much leeway I'll get on sex talk? They aren't actually going to do the wild thing yet, they're still dancing around each other and will be for a while, but both of them are so blunt. Kind of. It's hard to describe especially at this time of the morning with the amount of sleep I had and the rush I'm in. I'm thinking I'll write it the way I see/hear it and I can always tinker later. One good thing; this time around I'm not feeling uncomfortable (so far) about writing about sex or the h/h wanting it, knowing that my editor is a man and going to read it! With TPOT, I was stuck for two days because all I could think of was him reading. :-)

Okay, now I seriously have to logoff and I didn't even get to moan about reading the second half of TPOT and getting just as irate as I was on Saturday. I guess I'll save that for later. I'm sure y'all are waiting with bated breath!