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Saturday, November 27, 2004

It's Snowing! :-(

It's snowing, that means hell--AKA winter--has begun in Minnesota. I detest the stuff, abhor it. I don't think there's a word strong enough to describe how much I loathe snow. I don't much like the cold either, but I can tolerate that. I have zero tolerance for the white stuff. So for the next four months, I'll be muttering curses every time I look out the window. Damn, I need to move some place where snow is an odd occurrence.

To further brighten my day is the knowledge that I accomplished nothing yesterday on my writing. I need to write a fight scene between my half demon hero and a rogue vampire. You'd think as many times as I watched "Angel" that I'd be able to do this. You'd think as many times a week as they rerun "Angel," I could find a station playing an episode of that show. Nope. No luck at all. I tried to skip ahead, but that didn't really work either.

Project for today: Make up the ground I lost yesterday. Try to visualize and write a fight scene.