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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My Morning Dawdle

I didn't get to bed quite as early as I'd hoped last night. sigh. This always happens, but I feel much better than I did yesterday which is a good thing.

Had a heck of a commute home from work yesterday afternoon. We were at a dead stop for miles, only moving forward in inches. Of course, I couldn't get any kind of traffic report on the radio. Why would they possibly need to monitor traffic before 3:30 in the afternoon??? Finally, I heard that there was an accident blocking the left lane. Which lane was I in? You guessed it. The left.

The accident couldn't have picked a worse place to happen because it's right where the freeway narrows down from 3 lanes to 2 so we always back up from there anyway. And keep in mind that I get off work at 2:30. Anyway, there was no possible way to move to the middle lane, but there were so many miles left till the accident site and we were moving soooo slowly, I figured there was a good chance the accident would clear before I reached that point. I was right. But it took me an hour to drive 20 miles home. sigh.

Now that I've bored everyone with a traffic report, I should move on to the weather, yes? ;-) It's raining. Which means morning commute will be a bear too. Minnesotans cannot drive in rain.

Plan for today: Vote on the way home from work. Start writing chapter 3 in my Crimson City story. Work on some chapter goals so I have a clue where I'm going next. Mail the laptop in to be fixed. (I still have to fill out the paperwork. I have all my files off and the computer's free space is wiped.)