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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Their Fight Almost Took Me Out

I can't remember ever struggling with a fight scene the way I've struggled with this one between Conor and a rogue vampire. I was still having trouble yesterday. I'd tried skipping ahead the day before and that didn't work. What I finally ended up doing was putting in some bare bones fight stuff, marking it with a note to flesh out some more later, and moving on. It started going better then, but I wasted hours and hours struggling to get less than a page! Anyway, this fight scene almost took me out of writing for the day, but I pressed on.

I finally did find an episode of "Angel" on television, but would you believe it was an episode that pretty much had zilch in the way of fighting? Don't let anyone tell you the universe doesn't have a sense of humor. Just when I needed to see Angel fight demons, I get the one episode that has next to nothing of that kind in it.

In other news, the contest cheaters did it again last night. I don't quite understand why someone who's entering the contest posts the answer to the question and lowers her own chances of winning, but that's exactly what some of these women are doing. My only guess on that is that they are so desperate to be loved, that they'll do anything for that tiny bit of thanks.

Just three more days till this contest ends and I can't wait! It's going to be books as prizes from now on. I've never had a reader cheat like this.