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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

These Two!

Mika and Conor are trying to drive me nuts, I know it. They're the hero and heroine in my latest book. The problem is that they're so caught up in playing with each other, I can't get the plot to move forward.

Right now, Mika is straddling Conor while he's sitting in a kitchen chair. All she has on are a pair of high-cut panties and a thin tank top. All he has on is jeans. Conor doesn't want to want her and he's resisting, so I'm not worried about them having sex this early. But unfortunately, they're both so fascinated with each other, they just want to keep playing. sigh. I need them to get to work.

I'm contemplating going to bed and letting them sit overnight, but that didn't work last night. Or the night before. I really need to get moving here!