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Saturday, November 13, 2004

They're Out of Control!

Somewhere in chapter 4, I lost control of Mika and Conor. Which of course, led to worrying and gnashing of teeth. Do they not understand we have a story to tell and they can not focus on each other to the exclusion of all else?

I feel better today, though. I talked to my friend about this and she reminded me that I like to fly into the mist and to just keep writing, let the characters lead, and see where I end up. That I can revise later if I need to. I can't believe I forgot all this.

Maybe it's this short deadline cluttering up my head. I just don't feel like I have time to go down any blind alleys and risk hitting a dead end. But that's what I'm going to do today, let Mika and Conor do what they want and see where I end up. Hopefully, I can trust them. But demons lie and both my hero and heroine are half demon. ;-)

Update on the "repaired" laptop: The keyboard issues continued to worsen until it's almost as bad as when I sent it in to be fixed. One of the guys at work offered a couple of suggestions that I'll have to find time to try. He also said if that didn't work, to bring it in and he'll take a look at it. I'm hoping I can fix it without having to mail it off to Illinois again!

This backup laptop sucks for a number of reasons, including Windows ME and all the crashing/freezing/error issues and the smaller keyboard which hurts my hands. Since I'm on a deadline and doing a lot of typing, I need a good computer. I'm eyeing that nice little Toshiba at Best Buy again. Sigh. But it seems so stupid to waste money on a new laptop when the issue on the laptop I like is just the keyboard. Anyway, send good vibes that I can fix the laptop myself or that the guy at work can fix it.

Now I need to go do something.