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Friday, January 07, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

It's been one of those weeks where everyone seems to be conspiring against me. Or at least conspiring to steal my precious writing time. It's been every day this week, but the big days were Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday was the email requesting information for the cover to Crimson Gate. Now there is no way I'm not putting my two cents in about this, even if I mainly care about how accurate the characters look, but this ended up being quite time consuming.

Thursday was worse. I had 10 emails in my inbox, I flagged all but one as being important to answer. Basically, it means not chatty emails from friends, but business kind of emails. That was before I got home from work yesterday. My load increased then. Including a note from my agent requesting I update my bio. Not the one for the books or my website, but the one she sends out with my proposals to editors.

Can I tell you how much I hate doing bios? I'm boring. Still, it was mostly written already. I just had to do a tiny bit of tweaking. Until I reached my publishing credits. I needed to add Crimson Gate and the spin off to Ravyn's Flight. This ended up being an ordeal that took a couple of hours of trial and error. And since it was miserable work, I was in avoidance mode which means screwing around, visiting all kinds of websites. I finally finished it some time after 10pm.

I still have four flagged notes left in my inbox--there was just no time to get to them--and I shudder to think what will come in today's email.

Unfortunately, I made an appointment to get my haircut tomorrow. It's reached the unbearable stage and I thought it would be safe to take a couple of hours off from writing to get it done. That was before I was deluged.

MN Weather Report: 8 degrees. Wind Chill: -5 degrees. We might get all the way up to 22 today. Hurrah!