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Friday, January 14, 2005

Tough Enough?

So I've been seeing ads for Panasonic's Toughbook laptop. This thing looks like it can really take a beating and keep working. I'm apparently kind of hard on my laptops, probably just from the amount of typing/time I spend on them. I'm actually pretty careful not to drop or damage the computer. In fact, as I mince my way across the icy parking lot at work, I've even thought about how to fall so that the laptop was safe. :-) Hey! MY STORIES are on it! I visited the Panasonic website and did a little pricing on these things. GAH! They're about $1000 more than a "normal" laptop. A few hundred dollars, I'd probably go for it, but $1000? Nope, can't do that.

Cutting the legend/book stuff out of the scene yesterday seems to have helped. I won't have the final verdict until I reread it. I'm hoping to do that after I finish with this note. It doesn't have to be perfect, the rhythm just has to work. I fleshed out a few of the beginning parts too and I need some description-type details, but blech. I 'll wait and do it on one of my revision runs. The second scene in this chapter needs some work/fleshing out too, but at least it's only a couple of pages, so I didn't go too far astray. This is a scene I've been waiting and waiting to write, so you can bet characters are being emotionally tortured. heh heh heh.

Speaking of tough enough, your MN Weather Report: -11 degrees (yes, minus) Wind Chill: -26 degrees. It's one of those days where I wish I were a bear so I could just sleep until this hell is over.