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Friday, February 18, 2005


For the last couple of days, I've been thinking about writing and control. There are writers who claim they have it, that they outline what they're going to do and then they write it. I've never understood how they do that or even why they'd want to--half the fun of writing for me is the surprises--but right about now I envy them.

You see, I've never had any control in my writing. My characters do what they want when they want to do it and I'm like the secretary--I make notes. Oh, I've tried to get them to do what I want/need them to do or think my way. And the writing comes to a screeching halt until I surrender and hand the reins back to my hero and heroine again. I can argue with them, try to cajole them or negotiate with them to do things the way I want, but ultimately, it's up to them.

So how does a writer take control and not have their characters absolutely refuse to cooperate? I did try--and not that long ago--and I couldn't write even a sentence worth keeping for a week. After spinning my wheels and becoming more and more frustrated, I'm the one who gave in. :-)

It's nothing I'm going to experiment with now, but it's oh, so tempting. Mika and Conor have dragged out their book longer than any other first draft I've ever written. I have just 24 more writing days left, and I still can't get these two finish up and have their HEA ending. I'd actually written a vague outline for the last 4 chapters of TACV and Mika and Conor blew it all to hell for me. :-( This is why I'd like control. I'd like to tell them, hey! Stop screwing around and let's get this show on the road! But of course, it doesn't work that way and so I add another chapter to The Book That Will Not End.

Control? Ha! I'm just along for the ride.

MN Weather Report: 3 degrees. Wind Chill: 3 degrees.