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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Crimson City Covers!

The covers for the first two books in the Crimson City series are ready! I'm so excited to see them and now I'm anxious to see my own. It will be a bit of wait, though, for my Through a Crimson Veil cover because I just sent the info for the art in at the beginning of January. I totally love the font they're using for the series (see previous blog posting about my fanaticism for fonts). If you'd like to see the covers yourself, check out the websites for Liz Maverick and Marjorie M. Liu.

Today's Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not as much of a football fan as I once was. The Minnesota Vikings can beat the interest out of anyone. (Just think back to the season they went 15-1 and then lost to Atlanta in the playoffs.) And I don't have too much interest in either team that's playing tonight, but I love the commercials!

Yep, there was a reason I majored in advertising at the University of Minnesota; I love ads that are done well. The Super Bowl isn't quite the Clio reel (The Clio Award is the Oscar of the advertising industry), but it's damn close. I'm definitely looking forward to tonight and keeping my fingers crossed for some great commercials!

MN Weather Report: 27 degrees. Wind Chill: 14 degrees. Winter is back. :-(