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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fingers Crossed

I'm almost done now. Just a couple more scenes to write and this book will be ready to be revised. One of them, of course, is an action scene and those are hard for me. It's all the choreography and trying to figure out who's doing what and to whom. I had an unexpected revelation last night as I was trying to sleep, and while it makes the scene more complicated, I think it ups the ante as well so that's a good thing.

My prediction of going 50 pages over was a bit pessimistic, I think. Now that I'm closer to finishing, I'll return to my original prediction of 30-40 pages. At least I think that was my original prediction. A lot of it is going to depend on how long the prologue and epilogue end up being--the prologue will actually be the last thing I write. :-) I'm still waiting for an answer on stuff there, so I may be working on it after I've done some revision to the main part of the book.

I had the dog show on the Animal Planet on while I was working last night. I don't know if this was a repeat or not--some of those dogs looked damn familiar. But while they were showing it, there were ads for the agility competition and obedience. I noticed that they didn't show any Siberian Huskies doing obedience. :-)

My last dog was a Husky/Shepherd cross, but she had the Husky personality. Those dogs are stubborn as hell and taking her through obedience school was an experience. Um, do I need to mention she didn't do real well? As we went up to get our diploma and dog cookie at the last class, my dog jumps up, puts her two front paws on the table, and leans her face in to the instructor. I'm guessing she thought the instructor should have given her the dog cookie and not handed it to me. If the dog was out playing in the yard and I called her to come inside, I could actually see her stop and consider whether or not she wanted to listen. :-) This ended up being the animal of my heart and it was really hard when she died.

MN Weather Report: 37 degrees. Wind Chill: 29 degrees: Forecast: Rain turning to snow.