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Friday, February 25, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Don't ask me why I have a song from Snow White going through my head. At least it's a change from the Garth Brooks song I've been hearing for the past 3 weeks or so. ;-) Yeah, I am going back to work, but even so, it's an odd musical choice.

Didn't get a damn thing done yesterday. I was really lethargic all day and didn't do much of anything. Dabbled a little with the prologue, but after starting three different versions and not being happy with any of them, I decided to give it up.

So what did I do? Found a list online titled The 46 Best-Ever Freeware Utilities and checked a few of them out. There were several interesting ones, several I already have and use and one called YPops, that I downloaded. It's a program that forwards Yahoo mail to a computer's email client. Works slick as spit and the instructions for configuring the email client are crystal clear. So far, I'm very happy with it and toying with changing a number of my Yahoo Groups to that email addy.

Yep, that was my big accomplishment for the day. :-(

I have to head into work today because I plan on taking nearly 2 weeks off to work on TACV. I was going to take 2 full weeks, but because I was sick, I feel like I have to go in for at least a couple of days next week. Sigh. This is close to the worst possible time for me to get something. The only way it could be worse was if it had hit in the first weeks of March. Nothing I can do about it, but I'm really going to have to be able to put in the 16 hour days for the next couple of weeks without my body relapsing.

MN Weather Report: 18 degrees. Wind Chill: 11 degrees.