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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Too Sleepy to Title This

The furnace is taken care of, and once more, there's heat in the house. Hurrah! It was damn cold yesterday morning and even colder by the time the furnace was fixed and the heat could be turned on again. I've maintained for years that I would make a very poor pioneer--that if it had been up to me, America would still be unsettled wilderness. I'm not much for roughing it and no heat falls into that category. Luckily, it was in the 40's yesterday. I shudder to think how cold it would have been if we'd had our usual MN cold.

Anyway, the writing was going excessively well--until Mika turned stubborn. I think I've got a way around her, though, and it will bring out more of Conor's demon side so it works on two levels. I'm going to end up with about a week less for revising than what I'd scheduled for, but I'm really running long again too. I honestly don't know how this happens to me. I've upped my estimate and am guessing I'll run about 50 pages over the 400 mark by the time it's all said and done. Of course, I'll be cutting on revision and there's always room to tighten up. The second "of course" is that I'll need to add description. I tend to skip over that when I'm writing and add later. (I tend to skip it when I read too. Hate it when the author's vision intrudes on mine.)

I'm still tired, but couldn't sleep any more. I want to get to the story right away, and after laying in bed for about an hour, thinking about it, I decided to get up, have coffee and get going.

MN Weather Report: 26 degrees. No Wind Chill. Forecasted High: 44 degrees.