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Friday, March 25, 2005

4,000 Plus

I've adapted, more or less, to taking time off from writing. I no longer have this urgent sense that I should be doing something. However, I'm still having difficulty filling my time. It isn't that I have nothing to do, I have plenty that I need or want to take care of, but nothing is holding my interest. I've started several projects and haven't felt like carrying them all the way through to the end.

Last night, one of my projects involved my database of books I own. Yes, I'm compulsive enough that I created a database in MS Works. I have one for my fiction books, one for my reference books and several others for different types of books. The fiction DB is my largest by far and that's the one I decided to print out yesterday.

There's some interesting info there. I've read over 4,000 books! Most of them romance, although certainly other genres are represented. That's one heck of a lot of reading. But I used to read a book a day. I used to take vacations to a cabin in Wisconsin and spend a whole week wandering around reading. :-)

Of course, I can't remember much about most of the books, but it was surprising how many I could look at the title and go, oh, yeah, this is the one where....

Anyway, my plan to organize my books kind of got derailed. That's a lot of books to deal with. I decided to maybe work on something else instead. Like my website. On some site about web design, I'd read that you want your image on the left otherwise the surfer's eyes go to the image and they ignore the text. So I swapped around the cover of TPOT with the text on the front page of my website and looked at the finished results. Maybe I'm an exception to the rule, maybe my big banner image at the top of the page changes things, maybe I just am used to the way I had things before, but my eyes were drawn to the text on the left, then the image. I decided not to upload the page while I consider this. :-)

I also found a new blog to bookmark on my links. Weather Underground: Minneapolis! ;-)

MN Weather Report: 29 degrees. Wind Chill: 20 degrees.