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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another 3am Night

Grrr. Demons. I tried to go to bed last night at 11pm. I deliberately made sure I didn't get more than 7 hours sleep the night before so that I would be tired earlier. I was tired, but I still laid in bed for 2 hours. Finally got up and booted up the laptop and did some more work on chapter 6. This chapter is another one that's going to take some work. I'm debating about how much I need to show about something and if I go with the minimalist school of thought, I'll be deleting much of what I added at 1am. :-( Of course, maybe after I reread it, I'll be deleting it anyway. Today I forced myself out of bed with only 6 hours of sleep, so it better not be another late night.

New website discoveries:

Resources for Web Design. Links to a lot of different info on website design and creation. No time to explore these links, but I bookmarked this site for later.

What-Means. Free online encyclopedia. It claims to be one of the largest.

Online Philosophy. This site has some older philosophers' works online to be read. Again, didn't have time to really check it out, but this could be interesting.

Historic Cities. I don't write historical romance, but this site looked interesting. Historic maps and documents.

I think that's all for today. I'll probably have more tomorrow. :-) Most of my finds have to do with web design, and I'm trying not to post too many of those because most don't share my interest in learning CSS or in finding new font sites.

MN Weather Report: 18 degrees. Wind Chill: 11 degrees.