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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Trying Something New

Blogger has this thing where I can post to the blog via email. I'm trying it out today for the first time, and hopefully, it'll work nicely. This would make it perfect for those days when I'm running late for work. It's much easier to send an email than to get online.

Edited to add: This experiment was not 100% successful. While the post did upload itself, it threw the whole layout askew. It moved the entire right column below the daily posts. That did not look pretty, so I deleted it and am reposting from the site.

My big excitement yesterday was cleaning the computer room. I'm still not done--too much accumulation--but it's looking better. Deadlines are hell on this room. I dump everything in there and sometimes I don't get around to looking at it until after the book is done. Right now, with important items missing, finishing the room is somewhat more crucial than usual. I did fill the trash can and the recycle bag yesterday. :-)

Also had a fab dream right before I woke up! I can definitely see this as a book at some point in the future. All these top secret government agents facing off against the agents of darkness. hee hee. And of course, my female agents were kicking major butt. Most of the time my dreams are weird, but not entertaining--today I hit the jackpot!

And while I was laying there, more asleep than awake, I figured out the format for the website I wanted to do for this top secret government agency. I hurried up and made notes so I wouldn't forget. Of course, I have to finish the proposal for my romantic suspense first--and sell it--before worrying about a website. The proposal is mostly done, but it needs some work yet, and with the other books I have on my plate, this is a bit farther down on the priority list than I'd like. In fact, if things go like it appears right now, it'll be at least a year before I have time to work on this again. I guess that's good news--I want to write the stories that I have up next--and bad news because I really, really want to work on this idea. Now! :-)

That's the biggest problem with being a writer. So many ideas. So little time.

BTW, HAPPY EASTER to those who celebrate the holiday.

MN Weather Report: 40 degrees. No wind chill.