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Monday, March 28, 2005

The White Rabbit

I feel like him today. Over slept and now I'm muttering, "I'm late, I'm late." :-)

Not much going on. Printed out the synopsis for the next book to read either today or tomorrow. Need to talk to my editor this week before I leap head-first into the story. I've kind of enjoyed this time off from writing, but I felt vaguely lost--still--yesterday. I always write on Sundays. Always.

Instead, I printed out stuff I want to put in my scrapbook. While I was on the desktop (the only computer hooked to a printer), I couldn't recall anything else to print. Last night, though, hours later, more came to mind. I'm not sure whether to scrapbook what I have now and wait to print more or print everything then scrapbook.

On one of my online chapters, someone asked about spy gadgets and others posted some cool links, so I've been bookmarking them. Don't you think that if I'm dreaming about agents and getting links to spy gadgets, that this means I should finish up my RS proposal now? It almost seems like some kind of sign.

MN Weather Report: 38 degrees. Wind Chill: 33 degrees. High might be in the 60's!