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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fast One

I overslept this morning. Since I've stayed up late every night this week (NOT writing), this isn't a huge surprise, but I am rushed.

Progress on TOD is slow and frustrating. Last night I cut everything I wrote during lunch yesterday, plus a little more. It didn't work and had to go, but since I've measured gains in such small increments, it really hurt. Of course, if I went to sleep earlier, I'd probably be able to think more clearly and write more.

I've started getting spam written in Japanese. At least I'm guessing it's Japanese, since I can't read a word of it. What's up with that?

And finally, I've decided to take a survey. What do y'all want me to talk about on the blog? I'm happy to gear this whichever direction the majority is interested in. If you want to weigh in, you can either leave a comment or contact me through my website or the blog profile. Of course, if I've bored you all comatose already, no one might be awake enough to reply. BTW, I plan to continue the one line snippet of weather, but everything else is open for suggestions. :-)

MN Weather Report: 31 degrees. Wind Chill: 24 degrees.