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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I Knew I should Have Waited

To post about the National Readers' Choice Award. I have nothing interesting to say at all now.

Um, temperature took a plunge yesterday, which according to what the exterminating company said, meant the wasps will go dormant again. I never thought I'd be grateful for a thirty degree drop in temps, but I am. However, I'm still exceedingly careful about putting my hand between the curtains to open the shades.

Writing update. No news. I'm stuck and doing some mulling right now. I hate being stuck. :-( Right now, I'm really wishing I'd been a bit more descriptive in my synopsis for this section of the story. What's really not helping is that I'm fragmented mentally between TPOT, TACV and the work in progress. Maybe if I could put the other two books out of my mind, I'd be able to mull faster. ;-) Also I'm absolutely itching to get my TACV revision letter and work on them. I have things I want to fix and I practically have to sit on my hands to keep from playing with it.

MN Weather Report: 39 degrees. Wind Chill: 30 degrees.