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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Long Week?

Very tired again today. I've been staying up too late for various reasons and didn't catch up on sleep over the weekend. Last night, I stayed up watching baseball, although I didn't see the end of either game that I was watching. I see the Atlanta Braves won in 12 innings, but I haven't spotted the Twins' score yet.

I have this feeling it might be a long week. My first thought (once my brain was capable of thought) was OMG, it's only Tuesday! EEK!

Writing has not been going well the past few days. I can't decide if it's because I just made the switch between my secondary and primary romance in the story or if it's because I'm unclear on what needs to happen in chapter 5. I gave the chapter some thought last night before I fell asleep and I think I have some ideas of where to go now. If I had some sleep, and felt halfway decent, I might actually be able to get somewhere today. :-(

(Twins lost 5-4)

MN Weather Report: 61 degrees. Forecast: Rain all day.