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Sunday, April 03, 2005

To Do List Recap

I had a To Do List for things I wanted to do between books. Since today is the day I resume writing, I decided to look back at my list and see how I did.

Buy shoes. Nope, didn't do this at all.

Visit the Scrapbook store. AKA Archivers. I did this yesterday after I had my haircut. The road I normally take to this mall was closed (part of the freeway construction that's making my commute hell). I didn't expect this since it was Saturday. I turned down a street I'd never been on before, got a teensy bit lost, but finally figured out where I was and made it to the mall.

Archivers has so much stuff. I think I was wandering around like a lost puppy. I found some cool paper that I bought, but didn't buy anything else. I think I showed great restraint because they had a lot of cool stuff.

Scrapbook. I did two pages yesterday. I'd hoped to do more, but my heart just wasn't in it.

Go to a movie. I almost did this. :-) It was a near thing. The same mall that has the scrapbook store, also has a theater where "Sin City" was showing. I was thinking about walking over there and seeing it, but instead I walked to Barnes & Noble. I left bookmarks for The Power of Two there and autographed the one copy they had left on the shelf. The book is on the very top shelf--that's where the O's fall--and it's unreachable unless you're about 7 feet tall. Huge store, BTW. I'll have to remember to scoot over there when Through a Crimson Veil is released and sign stock.

Read Books. Well, I read one book if you don't count going through Ravyn's Flight again for continuity stuff before starting the tentatively titled Temple of Dreams. I don't count it because it wasn't pleasure reading, but work. Anyway, I'd hoped to read more than this, but didn't get the opportunity.

BTW, inside scoop about Temple of Dreams. It's a joke title and I sure hope that's not what the book is called when it comes out. Personally, I refer to the book as RFS, short for Ravyn's Flight: The Sequel. When I was brainstorming possible titles, one of my smart aleck ideas was "Kendall Thomas and the Temple of Dreams." The book does have some archeology things. :-) When one of my friends said to shorten it to TOD and use that for a title, I decided to submit it that way since I couldn't think up anything better.

MN Weather Report: 58 degrees.