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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Books I Reread Most Part 2

I'm already running late and I haven't even started yet! Gah! I'll try to list as many of the ten remaining books on my most reread list as possible, though. Again, these titles are listed in no particular order, this is just how I found them on my bookshelves.

  • Ransom by Julie Garwood - Historical Romance 1999 ~ I'm not much of a historical romance reader, but Julie Garwood is the exception. I adore her stories and totally lose track of time when I'm reading her. Lady Gillian does what she has to in order to rescue a small boy and return him to his parents. She didn't realize quite what she was getting into when she claimed the hero as her fiance. Now that she's made the claim, Brodick Buchanan has no intention of letting her go. Great alpha hero, wonderful heroine who is strong enough to be his match and endure everything it takes to save a young boy. I love most of Ms Garwood's historicals, but this one is extra special.

  • Remember My Heart by Janis Reams Hudson - Paranormal Romance 1995 ~ This book deals with reincarnation. The hero and heroine have loved each other in a past life, but their lives were cut short by a vindictive woman who was jealous. Now, in this life, the heroine has been having dreams since she was a small child of this other life. Imagine her surprise when she reads a novel and sees the details of her dreams. Intrigued, she goes to meet the author, and although he doesn't believe in reincarnation, even he can't deny the powerful pull to a woman he's just met. This is probably my favorite reincarnation romance. It's not a perfect book, but the imperfections are easy to overlook because the story is so wonderful!

  • The Adventuress by M.J. Rodgers - Harlequin American #520 1994 ~ I totally love this book! The premise makes me think of a movie called "American Dreamer" which I also loved. In the book, the heroine is a librarian and the author of adventure novels. On a trip to Hawaii, her helicopter is hijacked and they crash in the waters off one of the Hawaiian islands. She and the pilot swim to safety--no mean feat--but she's hit her head and now thinks she's the protagonist from her adventure novels--Roxanne Rainey. And she starts acting like Roxanne instead of her usual, timid self. The hero falls for Roxanne, only to find out she's not who she says she is. Great action-adventure romance and a heroine who transforms herself.

  • Imminent Thunder by Rachel Lee - Silhouette Shadows #10 1993 ~ A wonderful paranormal romance. The heroine is a nurse who's moved to Florida and bought a new house. She works nights, and when she comes home from work one morning, she thinks she sees someone at the window. Knowing not to enter the house, she runs to her neighbor, a retired airborne ranger who keeps to himself. Ian immediately takes charge. He doesn't find anyone, but he doesn't write off her weird experiences either. As Honor, the heroine, grows closer to Ian, she discovers he's telepathic. Unlike everyone else in his life, it doesn't bother her. Paranormal, a military hero and action--who could ask for more?

  • Dreamer's Heart by Lynn Turner - paranormal Romantic Suspense 1996 ~ This book was eclipsed when it was released and it's a crying shame since it's so darn good! The heroine is psychic and starts dreaming of a serial bomber. When she goes to the police, the hero writes her off as a member of the screwball brigade. Only when the next bomb goes off and it's exactly like the heroine described. Rhys shows up on Faith's doorstep and wants answers. Not the usual psychic/cop antagonism. He quickly grows to believe in her and the two of them forge a link between them. And they need it if they want to get the bomber and both stay alive. If you're open to paranormal romance mixed with your romantic suspense, hunt down a copy of this book. It's wonderful!

  • Wife Most Unlikely by Linda Varner - Silhouette Romance # 1068 1995 ~ I'm a sucker for romances where the heroine falls in love with her best friend and this is one of the best! Laney moves home with the help of her best friend, Jack. Only a night trapped by a hurricane brings out some romantic feelings neither of them expected. Both of them are fighting it, but it becomes harder and harder to resist the pull. Fun story and a sexy hero!

  • The Crystal Prophecy by Janice Tarantino - Futuristic Romance 1995 ~ This is a great futuristic romance and one I recommend frequently. The heroine is from modern day Earth and is having what she thinks are dreams that include a gorgeous man. He thinks he's dreaming too, but Jared is from the future. The Widows are at work, looking to join Susan and Jared so they can fight the evil unleashed in their world. I totally love this story and I wish Ms Tarantino was still writing. Her world and her characters are great!

  • All For Quinn by Kay Hooper - Loveswept #631 1993 ~ This is book 4 of the Men Of Mysteries Past series. I'll admit to rereading the earlier books only to see Quinn and Morgan together. They meet in book 1 and their sparring continues through books 2 and 3, but they don't get their own romance until book 4. Quinn is a renowned cat burglar, Morgan is in charge of a museum exhibition that is calling thieves like a siren song. Despite her total distaste of the profession, Morgan can't help being intrigued by Quinn and vice versa. Only there's more going on here than meets the eye. The big mystery from the previous books is concluded and all the twists and turns wrapped up neatly. All For Quinn completely stands alone, but the earlier books give some background. And it's also so much fun to see Quinn! Don't bother with Hooper's rewritten versions of the Men of Mysteries Past series--it doesn't hold a candle to the original--but hunt down All For Quinn. Yummy hero and a great romance!

  • Stolen Hearts by Michelle Martin - Humorous Romantic Suspense 1997 ~ I mentioned before that I love books with thieves, and here's another one. I love, love, love this book. The heroine is a former cat burglar working to bring down the man who'd put her to work as a child. To do it, she pretends to be the granddaughter of a very rich woman. The hero is the grandmother's attorney. Laugh out loud funny in places, Stolen Hearts also has some suspense woven in it. There are all kinds of questions that arise and answers seem hard to come by. I've enjoyed all of Ms Martin's contemporaries and I keep waiting to see a new book from this author. Unfortunately, it's been a long time without a release.

  • "Lake of Dreams" by Linda Howard, a novella in the Everlasting Love anthology - contemporary romance 1995 ~ This novella also made my highest rated list. As I mentioned in that previous post, I usually end up disappointed in novellas because the author doesn't have enough length to unfold her wings and really tell her story. Ms Howard has written what may be the best novella of all time. She gets every aspect necessary for a great story in here and does it in so few pages! This story has a reincarnation theme and a h/h who are instantly drawn to each other when they meet. But there are things in their past lives that might come back to haunt them here and now too. Great story--I can't recommend it highly enough.
There! I made it! My top twenty rereads. There are other books, of course, that I reread from time to time, but none with the regularity of these stories. Not all of them are perfect, but each and every one of them had something that drew me in and held me--and made me want to revisit the stories again and again.

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