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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moth Slayer

Just call me Moth Slayer. ;-/

I went back to the kitchen after I finished my coffee and found the poor moth right where I'd left him: on the wall, wings outstretched. Um, he was kind of starched there. I feel vaguely bad since the blast of spray starch was meant for the wasp, but bugs don't belong indoors, so in a way, he got what he deserved.

And now I think I must have slayed the wasp too. First, I haven't seen him since last Wednesday afternoon, so nearly a week. Second, he got hit with spray starch too. Granted, not as much as the moth and the wasp was much bigger, but I think it must have been enough to kill him.

Revisions are still going slowly. Damn, I feel like I'm slogging my way through molasses. I worked and worked and thought I was making huge progress, but then I look at the calendar and how much I have left to do and I start hyperventilating. I have to get more done today. Somehow.

I have a book signing on Saturday that I'm starting to get nervous about. I'm excruciatingly shy and get this deer in the headlights look going when I'm doing them. I've gotten better than I was, I was embarrassingly shy at my first book signing, but it's still not comfortable for me. I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's Memorial Day weekend and a lot of people will be out of town. It also helps that I'm signing with two other authors. I plan to watch them and learn. Maybe I'll be better at this by the time I go to Reno in July.

MN Weather Report: 60 degrees.