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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pardon This Interruption

Yesterday, quite frankly, was one of the most frustrating days I can remember. I took this week off to work on revisions because, God help me, I was only given 2 weeks to do a hell of a lot of work. So yesterday, the entire world decided it was Bother Patti Day.

Five phone calls. FIVE. None of them worth picking up the phone to answer. I have a caller ID box. It's amazing to me that all these telemarketers can disregard the Do Not Call List. I suppose they think they slip in through some loophole or something.

The doorbell rang twice. And since I was sitting right in front of the front window, hammering away on the laptop, it wasn't like I could pretend I wasn't home. Only one of the visitors was worth answering the door for. The UPS guy. He brought me my wonderful bookmarks for Through a Crimson Veil. They arrived just in time for the book signing I'm doing on Saturday.

Then at about 4:30, I couldn't concentrate any more. My eyes felt swollen and my head ached. It's staring at the computer for so long and for so many days on end, combined with allergies. Laying down for an hour didn't cure it and I ended up not able to do anything else the rest of the evening. Which made me even more frustrated over the idiotic interruptions. Let's hope the world leaves me alone today. I'm all out of patience on that score.

BTW, if anyone would like bookmarks for any of my books, Crimson Veil, The Power of Two or Ravyn's Flight, send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and tell me which bookmarks you'd like. They're 2 inches by 6 inches so will fit in a normal envelope. My addy is:
Patti O'Shea
PO Box 1365
Minnetonka, MN 55345
MN Weather Report: 55 degrees.