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Friday, June 24, 2005

Crimson City Is Shipping!

Crimson City by Liz Maverick, the first book in the Crimson City series is shipping from Amazon and Barnes & It's so exciting to see the series finally kick off!

And with no transition whatsoever, I move on to talking about my coworkers at the day job. There's a inbox away from my desk that I have to check. I get to log stuff in and out. Whoo hoo. Anyway, where it's situated is the perfect height for my guys to spread manuals out and lean as they talk to people, so the box frequently gets knocked askew. And being the obsessive/compulsive person that I am, I continually straighten it, making sure that it's lined up just right.

For a couple of months now, I've been pretty sure that some smart-aleck has been moving it purposely to irk me. I've been trying to figure out who, but I suspect it might be a team working together because my prime suspects have been off on days where it's been messed up. Of course, there are a few that seem so innocent, but none of them really are.

Last week, I started a new tactic. When I saw the inbox slightly out of alignment, I ignored it. Yes, it bugs me when I see it, but it's away from my desk, so I don't have it constantly in my view. After a day or two with my not fixing the box, whoever it is (or the team of whoevers), must have decided that I didn't notice that slight movement. (Yeah, right! Snort! I would notice an 1/8th of an inch.) So they moved it more. A lot more. It's edge is falling off the table top now. I still haven't fixed it. :-) I can only imagine what they'll do next. Maybe put it sideways?

MN Weather Report: 81 degrees. Humid. Still.