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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Insects, Vulcans and Writing

I'm happy to report that there have been no new wasp sightings for a couple of weeks now. Hurrah! And to make me even happier, I haven't seen an ant in about 2-3 days either. Thank you Raid ant traps! I was going to happy dog dance, but this morning I saw a spider the size of a Buick run across my bedroom floor. Since it was about 15 minutes ago, and I'd barely had coffee, I was slow. I grabbed a shoe and tried to whack him, but he disappeared by my dresser, waiting to pounce at his leisure. :-( I hate spiders. Not quite as much as wasps, but they're high on the list.

You know, I can't figure out when it happened or what the deal is, but I've got this Vulcan eyebrow thing happening--just with my right eyebrow. No matter how many times I smooth down that brow, the next time I glance in the mirror, the Mr. Spock look is back. :-( What's up with this? I did buy some eyebrow shaper gel stuff, but it's packed in my toiletry bag. I guess I should buy a second one to keep handy. I don't look good as a Vulcan. :-/

Writing has not been wildly productive. I cut everything I wrote this week and started over yesterday. I may cut everything I wrote yesterday and start over a second time. I can't get a handle on this h/h right now, and I'm sure it's because I'm still immersed in Mika and Conor. I didn't have time to make my list of things to do in this book, but I think I'll try to work on it today and see if that helps. It's very frustrating because I know Kendall and Wyatt are there, they're just not talking to me right now.

MN Weather Report: 64 degrees.