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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Odds and Ends

It's nearly noon, I've barely finished my coffee and it's a beautiful day here in MN. Hurrah! We've been deluged with rain for a month and a half and seeing the sun (and on a WEEKEND, no less) is a miracle. I don't feel like writing, I want to be outside getting some of this rare sunshine, but I seriously have to get back to work on Kendall and Wyatt.

I went to my local RWA chapter meeting yesterday (Midwest Fiction Writers) and it was a small group. The meeting was quick as well, but I'm glad I went. I also got a haircut yesterday and ripped a lot of CDs. Um, I'm still finding music I didn't know I owned. I guess it's been a while since I've played some of this music. I'm finishing up my rock artists, then I'll move on to country music.

I love my MP3 player and the ability to carry so much music with me in one small device. It's absolutely wonderful because I don't have to guess what kind of mood I'll be in and pick a CD that I think I'll want to listen to. What if I picked dance music when what I really wanted to listen to was heavy metal? Now it doesn't matter (Or it won't once I finish ripping all my CDs and loading the music to the MP3 player). Whatever mood I'm in, the music is available. Hurrah!

In a complete veer off in subject, I've decided there isn't enough baseball on television. I used to be able to count on TBS and WGN to broadcast a ton of games, but WGN fell off the bandwagon a few years ago and TBS last year. Do they not understand that I like to write with a ball game on? (sound muted) And what's with this lack of names on the back of uniforms? The damn Yankees are arrogant enough to believe everyone knows them, but what's up with the Cubs? Hardly any of their games are on WGN any more and they got rid of so many players from last year, that I can't figure out who's who.

So back to writing. And Kendall and Wyatt. Sigh. I am so NOT feeling like writing, but it's definitely time to get back to work. I've had a week and a half off--more or less--since finishing Crimson Veil revisions. I should be rested up and raring to go. I'm not. Sigh.

MN Weather Report: 73 beautiful, sunny degrees with a light wind and low humidity.