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Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Ripping Good Time

I upgraded my Windows Media Player yesterday, and much to my delight, discovered that Version 10 has the ability to rip CDs! And this program actually recognized the CD in my drive and supplied all the track titles. Hurrah! So I spent hours yesterday ripping. I've got a ton more to go, but it's a nice start and this will give me more of a selection on my MP3 player.

Do I need to mention that this latest discovery trumped finishing my online class? ;-) I have to take the test today and wrap that up. I did, however, do laundry so I got something accomplished that didn't involve music. :-)

Big dilemma. Which scene in Crimson Veil do I excerpt on my website? I never put anything from chapter 1 up, so the possibilities are almost limitless. I'm leaning toward a scene in chapter 2, but I already used that in a special preview for subscribers to my newsletter and I'd like to post something different so that they can see another scene. Still mulling about this.

Speaking of scenes, I'm debating posting the original version of chapter 4 from The Power of Two on the blog. It's long, though, so I'm not sure anyone would be interested. In the original version, we start out in Jake's Point of View and then go to Cai's. In the book, it starts in Cai's POV and then we go to Jake. Anyone have an opinion on whether or not this would be of interest?

So the plan for today is finish my CSS class, add some stuff to the website and rip more music. Let's see how far I get on today's To Do List.

MN Weather Report: 71 degrees. Overcast.