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Monday, June 20, 2005

When Words Are Hard to Come By

So many people who aren't writers themselves think because I'm published, that means I'm good at writing anything--no matter what it is. I only wish it were true. For example, I'm completely lousy at writing any kind of business letter. I'm also not real good with what to write inside cards. I usually end up saying something totally predictable and not very fresh.

My project for the last five days has been to write a promotional piece for Crimson Veil. All I need is 500 words or thereabouts (about 2 pages, double-spaced). I figured my biggest problem would be figuring out what to cut to come in at the required number of words. Wrong! My biggest problem was getting more than 200 words. I surprised myself.

I finally managed to bang out a decent first draft yesterday, but not without some sweat. I have one huge problem that I know about--the transition between the second to last paragraph and the last paragraph. It's pretty much non-existent. That will be my project for today. I need to finish this as soon as I can even though I never received a deadline.

One thing I've really learned is that when you don't do a particular kind of writing for a while, that ability seems to fade. Like advertising copywriting. :-) I majored in that in college, and I believe I was more than decent at it. At that time. Not using that set of skills has atrophied them and any kind of promo writing now is excruciatingly difficult. And writing blurbs for my own books??? Forget about it! Of course, I am hampered by the fact that I think every plot thread is important and so I end up with these monster blurbs. Thank God for editors. :-) I can leave the cover copy to them.

With a little luck, I'll finish this promo piece, including polishing, today and then be able to get back to my WIP. Of course, I'm hampered by my usual Sunday night insomnia. :-( What is with that thing???

MN Weather Report: 75 humid degrees.