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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aspen Gold Finalist!

Whoo Hoo! I had an email when I woke up this morning that The Power of Two is a finalist for Best Paranormal/Time Travel/Futuristic in the Aspen Gold contest! I'd be happy dog dancing around the room right now if I were capable of it. :-) Fabulous news to start off the day.

I napped yesterday afternoon. I was so tired, that I figured I'd close my eyes for 20 minutes and wake up refreshed enough to write. Three HOURS later, I finally--groggily--forced myself to get up. Gah! This was NOT on the agenda for the afternoon. And of course, my thoughts were so sluggish for so long after that nap, that I didn't dare write anything new. I did, however, work on some revisions to my romantic suspense. That was interesting. I hadn't read the partial in, gee, more than a year, I'm guessing. I lost track of how many times I thought, "I don't remember that." :-) But I'm thinking I might work on revising the synopses for this book and the two I want to spin off from it, do a last read through of the chapters, and send it off to my agent.

So of course, since I'd slept for three hours yesterday afternoon, I couldn't sleep last night and it was after 11pm when I went to bed. I'm paying for it this morning, but coffee and the email telling me TPOT was a finalist have been going a long way to help me wake up!

MN Weather Report: 59 degrees.