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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crabby Face

I'm crabby this morning. I don't have air conditioning and it's been miserably hot and humid here for close to a week. And it promises to remain in the 90's with high humidity at least into next week. My foot really hurts today. Actually, it really was hurting last night, and the pain hasn't gone away. (I must be paying for that comment I made over the weekend about how it didn't hurt.) And I am tired! I was ready to go to bed last night at 7:45, but I couldn't because I was waiting for a call from my cousin-in-law, the podiatrist.

So what did he have to say about the Jones Fracture? That he would have put up on crutches immediately to give the bone a chance to mesh and that walking on it--even in the boot thing--doesn't do this. He also was a little surprised that the doctor I saw didn't have a problem with my going to Reno for the RWA conference. He also added a piece of information that I hadn't found online or heard from the orthopedist--if I went the non-surgical route and it didn't heal, they'd have to do a bone graft at that point. EEK! Surgery is definitely a must-do. And it sounds like the sooner, the better.

What this means for me is that while I'm at the conference, I will be doing next to nothing that I don't have to do. Actually, if I hadn't paid for everything already, I'd seriously consider canceling, but I have paid for everything and can't afford to lose money on the deal.

I also asked my dad to dig out the old crutches and I'm going to try to be good and use them. I despise crutches, but starting this afternoon, I'll force myself to use them as much as possible. I want my foot to heal without a bone graft. Shudder.

On the plus side, my cousin said the surgery is generally quick--no more than an hour--and that pain is usually less than the patient expects. But I will be given a prescription for pain killers. I'm such a baby that I'll probably need them.

MN Weather Report: 74 humid degrees.