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Monday, July 04, 2005

Interesting Websites

Galley is packed up and ready to mail, complete with color-coded spreadsheet, and there's nothing else pressing for the day, so what better time to explore the internet? Here are a few of the more interesting sites that I've found.

Group Hug. Read anonymous confessions or make an anonymous confession. Unlike that site that does the postcards, this is all online.

Space Shuttle Press Kit. Online and in pdf format, you can get information about various space shuttle missions.

AFI's Top 100 Movie Quotes. Fun site! I missed the TV show, and I'm enjoying going through the list and seeing the top quotes. There are also links to other top 100 lists from the American Film Institute.

Online Rhyming Dictionary. Are you a poet? A songwriter? Just need to rhyme a word? Check out this site.

Acronyms. Maybe you need to look up an acronym. This site boasts the largest online database.

Cliches. Or look up a cliche. Always fun for writers. :-)