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Monday, August 01, 2005

Conference Recap: Thursday

Made it out of the room in time to meet up with the other Crimson City authors and our editor for lunch. (I have mentioned I'm hopeless in the morning, yes?) About half the restaurants weren't open until dinner so we ended up at Asiana. Yes, the same restaurant I'd had lunch at the day before. Liz gave each of us a gift (thanks, Liz!) which she really didn't have to do. I had so much fun writing Crimson Veil and loved the world I had to play in. Afterward, we retired to the bar and talked for a bit longer before we scattered.

I actually had to make appointments to meet up with friends. Gah! So at 3pm, I headed back for the bar. I only was able to stay about an hour and 15 minutes since I had to get ready for a 5pm dinner with my editor, but we had a good time. There were several other Dorchester (and former Dorchester) authors present. The table nearly was knocked over at one point, sending the drinks sailing. Of course, with my usual reaction to emergency, I just sat there. :-) Make a note--in a crisis situation, I freeze. You definitely want to either a) save yourself or b) ensure someone else is there to save you. ;-)

This was the first day official day of conference stuff and it was a signal of things to come. I never had time to put my foot up--at all. By the time I hobbled down for dinner, I was hurting. Hurrying between the two awards events I needed to be at caused the pain to increase and by 9pm, all I wanted was the damn boot off and my foot elevated. I practically clawed the thing off the instant I reached the room and discovered my foot and ankle had swollen--a lot. Gah! I also had sweat covering my shin from the felt boot. I was too wound up to sleep and posted from the hotel's TV internet. It ended up being a late night and I paid for it the next day.