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Monday, August 29, 2005


Sometime last night, Hurricane Katrina wobbled and it sounds as if things didn't get nearly as bad in New Orleans as they'd feared. The hurricane also weakened as it came closer to land, meaning a smaller storm surge than had been predicted for a Cat 5. Of course, the storm is still horrific and it looks like just to the east of New Orleans was hit and hit hard, although it's difficult to be sure how hard since the storm is still coming ashore and there aren't many pictures yet. Still, it sounds as if the loss of life will be considerably less than what was feared when this thing was aiming for a major metropolitan area.

In non-hurricane news, my dad is driving me nuts. Yesterday, he suggests I go to Home Depot with him. I said, What? He repeated it. I was like, well, do you remember that the doctor said I'm only allowed to do minimal walking? That I'm still supposed to stay off the foot as much as possible? Somehow I don't think he had shopping at Home Depot in mind when he said I could walk to the bathroom and back. Gah!

Then this morning, less than 5 minutes after I woke up, my dad is asking me what I want for dinner. Again, I could just stare at him. All I'm thinking about that soon after waking is getting a cup of coffee. Who cares about dinner? But of course, he gets testy when I tell him that I don't care. Sigh. I don't know how he can get so obsessed about stuff like this, but he does. Maybe that's what happens when you're retired.

And speaking of work, I have to go back to my job next week. That should be interesting. First, I think the walk in from the medical permit spot to my desk is more walking than the doctor would like me to do, but I can't stay out 6 to 8 weeks over this foot. And secondly, I'll have to cross a picket line to get in. In my contract, I'm required to cross and my union has opted not to support the mechanics union. Which is no surprise since AMFA raided our union to get the mechanics. And third, there's supposed to be a ton of security to get through in front of the building where I work.

On the one hand, I'm about ready to go back to work. I'm a little tired of being asked what I want for dinner when I'm still blurry-eyed from sleeping and being at work would give me a respite from that. On the other hand, it's been nice to not have to get up at 4am, fight traffic, and spend 8.5 hours in a cube.

MN Weather Report: 76 degrees. I think it's a touch on the humid side.