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Friday, October 28, 2005


Yesterday, I finally figured out something about the scene I've been struggling with. Since I powered through about 5 pages, I'm fairly confident that I picked the right avenue. But the problem came in as I was talking to a friend--we do a regular Thursday night writing report. I realized I'd hosed up the timeline. I can't remember doing this before. I wrote the scene as if it were a couple hours later than a scene that takes place earlier, it's really the next day. It won't be a big deal to change, but yikes!

I've been really good on Crimson Veil. I haven't done any google searches for my name or book title and I've been staying away from most boards. RBL is the exception because they don't slam authors or books there even if they don't love what they read. But one of the referers to our group blog came from a bulletin board, and I couldn't help it--I clicked over. I shouldn't have done that, of course, but it wasn't a horrible experience.

Only one person had posted that she read my book, and it seemed that she liked it well enough. I say seemed because 99% of her post was complaining about the book cover. She didn't like it because the hero on the cover is shorter than the heroine, and that's not the description I give in the book. Yeah, I noticed that too, however, I love every other aspect of my cover. The colors are fab, the setting is right on the money, the people on the cover look very close to how I envisioned my characters. I decided to ignore the shortness issue. Apparently, this was a huge deal to this woman, however, as the writer, I'm like big deal, what about the story. :-)