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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I feel like a marathon runner must feel when they're within sight of the finish line. I'm done with all the chapters, now all I need to do is write the epilogue and I'm done with the first draft. At this point, I honestly can't wait. This book just kept getting longer and longer and longer. I was beginning to wonder if the only way to stop it was to shoot it. ;-)

I emailed with my editor yesterday about the title. It's either going to be Eternal Ecstasy or Eternal Nights. I threw my support behind Nights, but I didn't hear anything back so I don't know what the final verdict is yet.

Yesterday was a cabinet crisis. Sigh. I was so tired, all I wanted to do was sleep, and yet I had to have a consultation with my dad. He'd talked to the builder who'd talked to the cabinet guy who had come in way over the allowance. Keep in mind this is after he told us he wouldn't have any problem staying under that dollar amount. He's also now saying he doesn't think he can do my master bathroom the way I want it and this is after telling me he could do it. Grrr.

So anyway, we have to come up with a way to shave huge dollars off the cabinets. The ideas my dad and the builder came up with were largely nickel and dime stuff. But I had a brainstorm and took care of it. I'm taking all the upper cabinets out of the laundry room. I can put cheap shelves in there or something, and that was a big enough drop to put us under the allowance.

I overslept again today. Two days in a row now, but I'm exhausted from the massive number of hours I put in writing this weekend.