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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just a Tad Stressed

I want to find somewhere without a phone. Well, not without internet access, but without a way for people to get a hold of me. Everyone needs something from me right now, and I'm busy. I have a book due. Everyone needs to go away for a couple of weeks and let me write. Grrr. Didn't I pick out appliances? Didn't I drive out to the hinterlands to meet with the cabinet guy? There should be plenty to do on the house without my constant input.

Although, I should add that even the internet isn't safe. I made the mistake of giving the builder an email address, and as we speak, I have a note I need to answer.

Anyway, I wrote lots yesterday. Today, I will be cutting most of it and starting over. I lost the tension when I switched POV characters. The part that makes me insane is that part of me knew it, but kept writing anyway. So instead of working on fixing it last night, I just kept writing. Maybe I was thinking the tension fairy would pop in and work her magic. Unfortunately, she didn't show up. :-/

Mr. Congeniality is on vacation for two days! Hurrah! He was driving me out of my mind this week. Honestly, the man can't sit quietly for 10 minutes; he always has to be talking to someone. Unfortunately, this week, that someone was ME! Gah! Constant prattle through the cube wall. I'm beginning to think that sitting next to Loud Vendor Guy can't be worse. At least he will only be talking to other people, not to me, and certainly not all day long. I still have a headache.