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Monday, November 28, 2005

Lots of Green

The weather map is loaded with green color, which means a wet day. At least it's above freezing, so it's rain and not freezing rain. They're saying we could get an inch all told. Then tonight, well, that's when the snow rolls in. Damn, I hate snow.

Anyway, as expected, I could not fall asleep last night. Usual Sunday night thing, plus my brain was full of Wyatt and Kendall. So of course, I overslept this morning. Again. Starting off this week, the same way I spent last week, only this time I don't have a fabulous four day weekend to look forward to. :-(

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I'd hoped. Yesterday, the day I planned to really hunker down, ended up being frustrating. I had some notes from my writing buddies that I needed to reread, and I couldn't find them. I searched everywhere on the laptop, and nada. For two hours, I searched because I honestly couldn't remember anything we'd discussed. Finally, I emailed my friends asking if either of them remembered anything. I honestly didn't expect them to because the conversation was more than a month ago, but I got lucky and one of them did! Hurrah!

Not much else going on. One of my friends heard the perfect quote for Eternal Nights. True love is friendship set on fire. A Google search revealed that it's a French proverb, but it fits the book to a T. I'm going to try to work it in somehow, or baring that, get it inserted before the book starts. Of course, I'm way, way over on page count, and everything I've done so far has added more pages, not taken anything away. Ah, well.