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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Monster Manuscript

This story just continues to grow. My God! I'm on page 470 now and I'm still not done. Almost, though. Almost.

I wrapped up Alex and Stacey. Hurrah! Almost done wrapping up Wyatt and Kendall. I reached a point, though, where I literally had no clue what I was writing or why I was writing it. I figured it was a good point to stop for the night. :-/

Yesterday also brought an epiphany about the epilogue. Because TPOT and TACV were parts of continuity series, and because they had books after them, I had to keep the epilogue very close in time to the end of the book. I was doing the same thing with The Now Unnamed book whenever I thought about the epilogue. Then, all of a sudden, I realized that if I wanted the epilogue out farther in the future, I could do it! There was no reason why I couldn't go a year, two years, ten years out. Wow. :-) I'm thinking more like a year, but we'll see.

Anyway, that was my entire day. I wrote from the time I got up until my brain shut down, then I tried to catch up on email. Killed the first Box Elder bug of the season. And I overslept this morning. I'm just happy I slept at all.

Emailed all the title contributions off to my editor before I went to bed. Thanks everyone who made a suggestion! And as I was laying there, I came up with another idea. I'll send that off too, although it seemed far more brilliant when I was half asleep than it seems now.

They moved my computer on Friday into the cube next to Loud Vendor Guy, so I'll spend the day moving my stuff. Happy, happy, joy, joy.