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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Obsessing Is Such a Waste of Time

I know this. But does this stop me? Of course not.

What am I obsessing about now? Something really stupid, of course. Those darn Amazon reviews again. The last time I obsessed, I got the review from the woman who thought my romance novel had too much romance in it. She gave me a mediocre star rating and messed up my GPA. So I'm trying hard not to wish for more reviews, but I'm really getting a complex. TACV has 6, just 6 reviews. CC has 19. ATOC has 26. And now ADC, which just came out, has 4 and will probably pass me up in mere days. Are my books unexciting? Engender no strong emotion? My book in the 2176 series got the least number of reviews too.

Like I said, this is such a stupid thing to waste energy on. Why am I worrying about this? I have no clue, and that's the truth. The nearest thing I can figure out is that I'm viewing it as some kind of judgment on my work. Lots of reviews = enthusiasm. Few reviews = Yawn.

The only positive note is that I won't be able to waste too much time on this. I have a ton of writing to do, and lucky me, my builder told me yesterday that I have to meet with the electrician, the cabinet maker and make some other decisions this week. Can you hear me screaming? I need this week to write, not run all over creation making decisions I'll have to live with for years.

The house does look interesting. It's hard for me to envision it with walls and windows and such, so I think I'm less excited about it than I could be. I took lots of pictures, but don't have time to download them from the camera. As soon as I do, I'll post them. Probably the house will be mostly done by then and I can do a whole process kind of post.

I did finish 2 chapters in 2 days. I have to reread what I wrote yesterday--particularly what I produced between about 7pm and 10pm--and fine tune it and/or flesh it out. I know I really got sketchy toward the end, but I wanted to finish the chapter before I went to bed.

Now, I'm going to finish my coffee and get to work.