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Monday, November 28, 2005

So Far Today

I have to cross the train tracks twice to get into work. Light rail. Grrr! (I maintain that no one is going to the Mall of America at 5:50 am so why must the train run constantly at that hour?) Anyway, usually I get some kind of backlash from the train; if not the train itself, then other cars and trucks backed up from an earlier train. Today, however, I set a new record for me. THREE trains! Yep, I sat at the light through three trains. How often do these things run for heaven's sake!

The day wasn't all bad, despite this unpleasant start. I was on time, despite Metro Transit's best effort, and Loud Vendor Guy didn't show up until after lunch. He was even relatively quiet for the two hours or so he was there. Except for the muttered swearing as he experienced more computer difficulties. Sigh. This man needs remedial computers 101.

On the writing front, revisions went well during lunch. I think. As groggy as I still feel from sleep deprivation, it's difficult to be sure. Of course, everything I've done so far has ADDED to my page count. Gah! I'm going to have a 500 page book at the rate I'm going. I'm trying to console myself with the knowledge that after I make the changes I need, I can go back and ruthlessly trim--back to 480 pages. ;-)

Back to revising....