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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I'm hopelessly behind on holiday stuff and on choosing stuff for the house. I put everything off until I had the book finished, and now all this stuff is demanding immediate attention. I did take care of some of the most pressing yesterday, and I'm scheduled to do more today. I was going to hit the lighting and flooring and countertop stores on Thursday, but we're scheduled to have an ugly snowstorm roll through starting tonight and not ending until Thursday morning, so I'm going to try to do all that tonight. I also have to pick out paint colors for the interior of the house before Wednesday. This is apparently critical.

So yesterday, I had next to no sleep. I have a project at work that requires attention to fine detail, which is nearly impossible when I'm that tired. I ran to Fed Ex and the credit union during my lunch hour, then called the doctor's office. My foot has been bothering me to the point that I've been wearing the fashionable cam boot all the time again. Miracle of all miracles, they had an appointment open at 2:45.

X-rays showed no new fractures and the screw is in place and looking good, so I'm back on restricted walking again. Considering how freaked out I was that the screw had broken or something else hideous was happening, I can live with the new restrictions. :-)

Insomnia, though, came last night with a vengeance. I managed to avoid it as I finished EN, which is something of a surprise since usually when I'm tight on time, I can't sleep. But I'm making up for it now. Last night, I kept running through the story, replaying parts of it and trying to think if I should have done something different or not. Does anyone else do these replay things this obsessively?

It was a nice evening, though. I felt vaguely lost, as if I should be doing something, but overall, I enjoyed myself. I played a little with a new web design. I really enjoy this kind of thing, and if I wasn't writing, I'd probably look at learning enough to do it professionally. Since I don't have time, I'll just play when I can. :-)

The one thing I find interesting is checking out other author's websites. I was kind of looking at getting my site professionally done, so I wanted to check out their web designers. I also have seen several people ask for good web designers and have others enthusiastically offer suggestions. The thing that's amazed me is that my work is better than some of these professionals. Not the top of the line designers--they're still much better--and probably my coding is ugly and not as streamlined as it should be, but when it comes to the appearance, I'm right there with these people. I did take design classes in high school, so maybe these people are great at the computer coding, but not so much on artistic layout. The best designers combine both.

All right, it's obvious I need sleep. Sorry about the ramble on websites. :-) I'm going to go get ready for work now.