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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Covers and Characters

My editor sent me another author's cover because the model used on it is the same one she's hoping we get for Eternal Nights. The model is cute, in a boyish kind of way, but he's not Wyatt. My Wyatt might be young and handsome, but he also has an edge to him that this model doesn't have. Of course, none of the guys on any of my covers has been edgy-looking enough for my alpha heroes.

I like to look at pictures as I write, and I'll search online until I find the right people, the people that make me say, "that's my hero/heroine!" These are the models I'm using for Kendall and Wyatt:

Anyhow, while this guy I'm looking at appears young, he also has a certain edginess to him that makes him Wyatt. And Kendall has the girl-next-door appearance that she laments during the course of the book.

My heroine isn't going to be on the cover, just the hero, and that should be cool. Some day I seriously need to get out there and get a cover flat for each book framed. I also have a poster of Through a Crimson Veil that I'd like to put up. That's my all time favorite cover. Not only did I love the colors, but the models actually resembled my characters, and the setting was right! Yea!

I'm very curious to see the EN cover now.

Speaking of EN, I powered through more revisions yesterday. I have two chapters my writing buddies mentioned to work on today, and then some very minor changes that I'd like to make, then I can do a full read-through. Very much looking forward to finishing this book. I've decided I like it, but I'm ready to send it out the door. :-)