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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Finally Stirring

Slept in fabulously late this morning. As soon as the coffee kicks in, I have some things to do. Including look at the new wood samples the builder brought over. I'm hoping to have a productive day despite my late start, and have a mildly ambitious To Do List for this weekend.

They let us leave work about 45 minutes early yesterday, which was cool. In past years, we were able to leave 2 hours early. Of course, if I started later than 6am, I would have gotten more time off since we all bailed at the same time, even the people who didn't roll in till 7 or 8 am. :-) In any case, it was nice to get home a little early.

I put the time to use working on the redesign of my website, and I kept going until about 10pm last night. I think I have all but one page ready to load on January 1st. The About Patti page. Sigh. I hate writing bios. That's one of my least favorite things to do. I want something different than the Q and A that I have up on the current website, but I don't want to use what I have up on the blog. Once I write this, I can put the page together, test the new site, and be good to go if everything works.

I went for a very uncluttered look on this version of my site so all my award gifs are gone. So are the logos from the 2176 series and Crimson City. (although I'm using the CC logo as a place holder until I can get my hands on a copy of Liz's cover for Crimson Rogue.) My biggest concern right now is readability. I'm going with a deep blue background, kind of like here, with white text. Mostly. I'm using pink text and lime green as headlines/titles. That's what I'm worried about, if people with vision problems can read it.

One last thing before I close. I want to thank everyone who offered their support--both on the blog and privately--about my aunt. My mom's sister passed away on Wednesday night, so Christmas is going to be a quiet one for our family this year.