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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Lost Has Been Found

Yesterday had a period of panic. I was checking email from work when I saw a note from my editor--they can't find the manuscript for Eternal Nights, can I send her the tracking info? I whipped over to the Fed Ex site where they have a nice little feature that lets you email the page and forwarded that on. It didn't help locate the package and the name of the person listed as the receiver doesn't match anyone in the office. =8-O

Thoughts of all the time I spent printing the story off, of making sure every page was there and printed correctly on the paper, the time spent hauling it over to Fed Ex and standing in line--all this rushed through my head. My editor said I could email the story, and not to worry about the hardcopy. It would turn up.

Maybe. But by now I'm thinking Fed Ex delivered it to the wrong office and people at some law firm are reading it aloud and laughing hysterically. Writers are writers because we have active imaginations. I had all kinds of scenarios running through my head since the Fed Ex site showed EN was delivered on Dec 13th.

Fortunately, before lunch, the phone rang and it was my editor. She'd just received EN. Whew! Where the package spent the last two days is anyone's guess, but she has it now and told me she was taking it home with her. Which leads to a different anxiety, but that's another story.