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Friday, December 02, 2005

Moving Right Along

Revisions are going well, and I'm almost through the list I made of things I wanted to do. So far, things haven't been too bad--nothing major, which is a huge help.

Things are hectic at work, which doesn't give me any place to just be calm. Yesterday, they were lined up outside my cube wanting me to work on projects for them. I even had one of my former Maintenance Specialists come down to see if I could work on something for him. He's an engineer now, but not one of my engineers. The two specialists who showed up after him, were like, oh, no, he's not Maintenance Programs anymore. He wanted to be an engineer, let him be an engineer. It was kind of funny how both of them reacted identically, and almost word for word yet!

The new cube hasn't been too bad. Mr. Congeniality still pops over occasionally, but not like he used to, and it's totally eliminated his talking to me through the wall. Yea! Of course, it really, really helps that Loud Vendor Guy hasn't been in for most of the week. Oh, if they would only move him to another floor.

Still no work done on the house. They did more the day after Thanksgiving than they did all this week. I still have my assignments to complete (Flooring, Countertops, Lighting, etc.), but those will have to wait a little while.