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Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Web Design!

I loaded my new web design this morning. I know, I'm a day early, but I was dying to go live with it. :-) What can I say? Patience is not one of my strengths. If you have a chance, please head on over, cruise around, and let me know what you think. The New Patti O' I've already updated all my links on the blog. If you run into any problems (and I hope no one does), please post a comment or email me. I tested in IE and Firefox, and on three different computers, so I hope I caught everything.

Today is the last day of 2005. Part of me is going, wow, I can't believe the year is over already. Another part of me is saying, Come on 2006! 2006 adds to 8, and in numerology, 8 is abundance. I expect this to be a totally fab year. :-)

Resolutions and goals? I don't set them on New Year's and I haven't since I was in college. I learned then that goals set at this time of the year are too easy to break or let slide. Heck, 90% of the people who set goals and make resolutions let them slide, and with that kind of company, it makes it easier to ignore your own aims.

It's funny because people talk about setting 5 year plans or 10 year plans, or even 1 year plans, and I really don't. My personal opinion is that you narrow your possibilities by setting up "plans." I want to be ready to accept whatever gifts life throws my way, not miss them because it doesn't conform with my vision of where I'm supposed to be or when I'm supposed to be there.

Yeah, I know. I've got some kind of weird split personality thing going on. :-) Half of me worries about nothing all the time, jumps the gun at times in my anxiety and trends toward tightly wound. The other part of me is this laid back, take things as they come person. Plan ahead for my life or my writing? Nah, I'll just see what happens and deal with it then.

Weird. I know. Half hot emotion and half cool intellect. It's not easy being me. :-) I will say that the emotional side tends to win out until the heat simmers down enough for the intellect to be heard. I'm working on this. Trying to learn not to immediately react, but to take a step back and think first. It's an ongoing process, but I think I'm getting a little bit better.

Anyway, I better wrap things up and do something today. I slept for 12 fabulous hours and feel great, so I better take advantage of this. :-)

Happy New Year, everyone! 2006 is going to rock, I just know it!!!