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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ideas, Hearth and Home

Did I ever mention here where the idea for Eternal Nights came from? I've been thinking about the book because I was asked to write a promo piece about the characters and the story, and I don't think I've ever told anyone about how the circumstances came to be.

For those who haven't been here wading through my months of posts, EN has the h/h trapped inside an alien temple and trying to find their way out through a maze of hallways. Most of the book has them inside this stone pyramid. I posted the Cover Copy on the blog last month, I think.

Anyway, one of the reviews for Ravyn's Flight called the book "claustrophobic" even though it took place in the great outdoors. I thought that was a cool description, so when the characters came in for EN and I started to think about what kind of situation they were in, the thought came to me--why not make it really claustrophobic? And so the idea for EN was born. :-)

Actually, it was quite a writing challenge to make the story exciting while Wyatt and Kendall were so trapped. I hope I pulled it off. Guess I'll find out when I get my revisions, huh?

I ordered the area rug and runner for the new house yesterday since free shipping is over tomorrow. Between the new table I bought and these rugs, I think I'm going to have heart palpitations when I see this credit card bill. :-/ I'm not quite sure why because this wouldn't be the first time I've run it that high, but somehow it's different when I'm buying stuff for the house. I'm not quite sure why unless it's because I'm already spending so darn much for the actual construction of the house.

In other decorating news, Target has these really bright towels on sale this week that I think would look major cool in my main bathroom. (It's painted a pale yellow color called Lilly.) They're turquoise and should just pop off the towel rack. :-) I truly love bright, bold colors, and I love contrasting them. My plan all along was to keep the walls more neutral (at least in the main rooms) and then bring in the color I love so much with accessories--pillows, towels, that kind of thing.

There's still not much going on at the house. The foreman guy said they planned on putting down the flooring at the end of January. I'm guessing that's one of the last things, yes? I've never been through this before, so I'm not sure. But since we're supposed to close no later than mid-February, I'm guessing this must be toward the end.

I tried to sign up for this Yahoo Group that announces online classes this morning. I finally succeeded despite Yahoo. First, I missed the fact I was supposed to enter a comment about myself, so Yahoo threw an error about that. Then I fill that in and Yahoo complains because it's longer than 200 characters. Please. Anyone who knows me realizes that I can't possibly comment in less than 200 characters. I couldn't even do it in less than 200 words! ;-) My books and most blog entries don't run so long because I'm succinct. Finally, I cut the comment down to size, then I typed in the verification code wrong. Keep in mind that I typed in correctly two times before. Yahoo wasn't going to let me pass despite that. I get another verification code. I can't tell if one of the characters is a 6 or a b. At last, however, I overcame Yahoo's irritations and successfully got myself into the moderator's inbox for approval.

Today is going to be another catch up kind of day. I owe half a gazillion emails--again--and my piece of crap laptop needs me to work on it today. This is the laptop I leave locked in a filing cabinet at work because I don't care about it. At least if someone steals it, I'll get some money from the insurance company. I've got to tell you, though, that anyone who steals this thing is going to bring it back. It really sucks. It's cheap as hell and it's running Windows ME, the worst OS in the history of the world.

This week, the piece of crap (POC) laptop needed its virus software subscription renewed, but the company refused to allow me to subscribe because they no longer support the 2002 edition. But they'll let me spend $50 to upgrade to 2006. Yeah, right. I'm paying $50 on the POC laptop. Not! I started browsing online for just virus software, but even that was $30. Then it dawned on me that there's free virus protection available. That's what I downloaded to the POC yesterday night. Now today, I need to get updates and configure it. I also want to clean everything off that laptop except for the stuff I have to have to keep the computer running and do writing on it.

I also need to do some filing. I'm way, way, way behind on this because I hate doing it so much. I shudder to think about moving into the new house with all this junk. Somehow, some way, I'm going to need to find time to sort and throw stuff. Sigh. I seriously need more hours in my day.