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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tag Teamed!

Yesterday the conference room was occupied at lunch time. According to the calendar, it shouldn't have been, but for the second day in a row, the meeting scheduled in there right before must have run over. That meant I had to write at my desk with Loud Vendor Guy to my right, and Mr. Congeniality to my left. The two tag teamed me.

Despite wearing foam ear plugs and the exact same set of ear muffs the ramp guys wear as they guide jet airplanes into the gate, I could hear both men clearly. First one would talk, then he'd finally go quiet, I'd try to write, and then the other would pick up his phone. It was as if they'd choreographed how they were going to disrupt almost my entire lunch hour. Since I'm already struggling to write these characters, these conversations pulled me right out of the story. I seriously need The Cone of Silence like in those old Get Smart reruns. The one point to keep in mind is that BOTH men are loud enough to be heard through ear coverings that muffle jet engines.

Other than the fact that these two left me with a splitting headache, Tuesday was a good day. The house is now progressing with lightning speed. Check out yesterday's blog entry for pictures of my countertops. They also put in the vinyl flooring in the laundry room and the two bathrooms. Some of the rooms are finished being painted too. I admit it, after not being very excited about the house, I am now. Maybe because it's actually starting to look like something. I'm eager for the lights to go in. :-)

Today my dad gets interviewed for a documentary. I'm not quite sure who's making it, but it's about the old Sears building on Lake Street in Minneapolis. My dad used to work there eons ago. He's all excited. Sunday, he went looking for old pictures of himself because they asked for shots of what he looked like back then. He also has some old catalogs he's going to bring along. I think. I'm not quite sure the film crew knows quite what they're going to be facing. My dad loves to talk. They might very well run out of film before he finishes. :-) After all this, hopefully they'll use more than thirty seconds.