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Monday, April 24, 2006

More Writing

Yes, once again, I did nothing but write yesterday.

The one thing that truly amazes me is how fast the time goes. I swear, I was working at 11am, the next time I look at the clock it's 2pm. What happened to those three hours? How many pages did I do in that time? 5. It seemed like I was writing and writing and writing. How could I only have 5 pages? How do fast writers do it?

Anyway, in just shy of 8 hours worth of work, I had like 13 pages. Of course, now I'm debating the need to cut some of them. Sigh. Ryne is a little wounded (emotionally) in the scene, but I'm not sure she'd show it in front of Deke yet. I have to think about that. It's also a scene where they're both sharing stuff--particularly Ryne. Again, would she do it that soon? She's big on not letting anyone see weakness because they'll just go for the kill, and it might be too soon for her to trust Deke enough.

I didn't want to be bugged yesterday, so I put a post it note on my front door: Author at Work. Please Do Not Disturb. So I'm really, really deep in the story and what happens? Yep, you guessed it, the doorbell rings. After talking to the neighbor lady, it took me forever to get back into the story. Non-writers have no clue how big a deal a "short" interruption really is.

Today it's back to the day job. Enough said.

PS: I'm posting so late because Blogger has been unwilling to work today. I completely relate--it is Monday.

Edited to Add: It looks like Blogger posted each and every attempt I made to get my day's entry online. Sorry for the repetition. I've deleted the other 4 copies of this post so that there is just one.